Belle Vale Shopping Centre

Open 7 Days a Week 10:00 - 17:45

Open 7 Days a Week 10:00 - 17:45

Rules of Play

what you need to know

  1.  Jungle Fun has a strict age policy. Children up to the age of 12 are allowed on the equipment.
  2. All children must be accompanied by an adult who is solely responsible for that child/children. Children are not the responsibility of Jungle Fun staff and therefore parental supervision is required at all times. This is in accordance with the Children’s Act 1989.
  3. All children who enter Jungle Fun must have an admission fee paid for them, unless they are attending a birthday party.(children under 6 months go free)
  4. Children must not be left unattended in the center.
  5. Adults are not permitted to play on the play structure after 3pm on weekdays or anytime of a weekend. This is for safety reasons.
  6. Children who are unwell must remain with their parent/guardian and must not play on the equipment.
  7. Whilst playing on the equipment, children must remove shoe  and wear socks at all times.
  8. Pens, badges & trouser chains must not be taken into the play area.
  9.  No food & drink are to be taken onto the play equipment. Only food and drinks purchased from the Jungle Fun menu is allowed.
    Any customers seen to be eating food or drinks brought in from outside the center will be approached.
  10. Parents are allowed to supervise younger children or children with disabilities whilst playing on the equipment.
  11.  The Toddler area is specifically designed for babies and children up to 4 years of age. Older children must use the larger play equipment.
  12.  If whilst playing on the equipment, children/adults display inappropriate behavior, they will be called off the equipment. This is for their own safety and safety of others.
  13. Admission entitles children to a play time which is limited to no more than 1 Hour 45 Minutes.
  14.  Jungle Fun will not be held responsible for customers personal belongings that are left unattended.
  15.  Due to the sensitive nature relating to photography in areas where there are children, Jungle Fun prohibits the use of cameras/phone cameras. (Photographs are allowed to be taken with birthday parties only in the party room)
  16.  At Jungle Fun, we practice a zero-tolerance policy. This includes bullying or any form of threatening, abusive behavior, either towards children, parents or members of staff. If situations cannot be resolved, Management reserve the right to instruct people to leave the center.

Whilst every effort has been made and continues to be made to ensure the safety of children, any accident must be reported to a member of staff. It is then logged into our accident report file and aids our efforts to ensure safety.